Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes Sodium Citrate




  • Sodium Citrate Blood Collection Tubes intended to be used for examination Plasma for Coagulation studies such as PT, PTT, and fibrinogen.



  • Tubes manufactured using transparent Double Wall PET   or Glass.
  • Caps manufactured using polyethylene.




  • Vacuum tube " Plastic (we use Double Wall tube PET to prevent dehydration of Sodium Citrate solution inside) or Glass with blue color-coded safety cap supported with piston rubber to seal, concentration of sodium citrate anticoagulant in the tube is 3 . 8 %  or 3.2% depending on customer requirement, preparation of blood and anticoagulant in the tube is controlled as 1: 9 strickly. Tubes Either Sterile by Gamma Radiation or Non-Sterile, tubes are available in different sizes.